Custom-Memories Windows .... To commemorate a special event in a dear ones life, a memory window forever seals those treasured tokens in one place. Graduations, a major birthday mile stone, an anniversary marking many years and adventures together, change of command or retirement all are examples.

Commissioned windows .... are a collection of personal items, hobbies, travel momentos, memorable occasions in ones life or just simply things that make us happy that are compiled in your specially designed window.
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White 12/ Wedding gift

F56/ Arenal
White 29/30
White 25/Gift for Collegue
White 91/ USNA Grad '11

White 13

White 97/ USNA Grad '04

G141/ USNA Grad '74

White 34/ Zoo Personnel
White 46/ Avid Fisherman
White 47/ Graduation
White 48/Leaving Va. Beach
White 60

White 63
White 69

White 95 / Wedding Gift
White 82

White 90

White 100

White 93

White 106

White 105 Wed in Paradise

White 147

White 143

F14/ Restuarant Logo

F25/All Their Kitties
F34/ An Artist's Treasures

F39/ Physicians Retirement Gift
F32/ Avid Fly Fisherman

Wine Connoisseur
White 73

G17 Mothers Day Gift
G59/Hiker Finishes AT

G27/ Musicians Wedding Gift

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